Dog activities

Icelandic Sheepdogs like all sorts of sports , like flyball, agility, doggy dance and sheepherding, but also long walks and solving puzzles.

12,5 maanden oud bij een workshop Flyball op de hondenschoolFlyball is a dog sport in which a dog has to jump four low obstacles to arrive at the flyball machine. If the dog arrives at the machine, a plate has to be pressed with the foot of the dog to make sure a ball gets out of the machine.
This ball has to be cached by the dog and taken back to the finish. Again the dog has to jump the obstacles.

Behendigheid 1Agility is the best known dog sport and can be done  at almost every dog school.
While practicing agility the dog has to go over a track with different obstacles in the shortest time possible, without making any mistakes.

Doggy dance learns the dog different tricks to eventually combine these with music and dance. There is also a gentler way: Tricks & Trucs, here there is no music involved. The dogs will learn different tricks like sitting in a certain way, waven and parking. A dog has to be one year old to participate, because of the physical load of some tricks. There are some tricks however that can be learned to dogs younger than one year old. Icelandic sheepdogs are smart enough to learn tricks at a young age. They like to be challenged and therefore will have a lot of fun learning tricks, which will be appreciated at birthdays etc. An Icelandic dog will show his tricks in exchange for a treats like a dog biscuit, his favourite toy of a big hug from his owner.

We think sheepherding is the best sports anyone can practise with their Icelandic Sheepdog. The dog should herd and drive the dogs through a track, the human leads by walking in front of the sheep.
Pictures and videos of sheepherding: click here

Wandelen 3Wandelen 1Besides these dog sport the Icelandic sheepdog is a big fan of long walks. The dog likes rough nature, water and different elements for the dog to jump on or over. The Icelandic sheepdog wants to oversee the whole territory he’s in and therefor will look for high spots to stand on.

Wandelen 4Wandelen 2The Icelandic sheepdog can also appreciate water during these walks. He uses the water to cool off, through swimming or even diving. A beach walk will also be appreciated, but make sure that the weather is not to hot and the dog has enough drinking water at his disposal.

DenkspelletjesFor the less beautiful days a brainteaser will bij the perfect outcome. There are a lot of different games for dogs of different levels. Even puppy’s like brainteaser if they’re in accordance with the dog’s level of thinking.
Besides beautiful brainteasers like the game of Nina Ottosson, Karlie and other brands the Icelandic dog will also be happy with a “normal” game with a treat or with people. Hide some treats or yourself and let you dog find it or you. Make sure that you build up these games, otherwise the dog can get frustrated or insecure.

SnackbalIf a dog likes balls and treats, the snackball will provide him lots of fun!

Caution! An Icelandic sheepdog needs physical and mental challenges. If you offer him to little activities, an Icelandic sheepdog can become a nervous, barking dog!