Donate for genetic diversity

In de last years we both spend a lot of time and money in keeping the genetic diversity of the Icelandic Sheepdog. Most of this money is spend on software, travel expenses, testing and storing of frozen semen of old genetically important males. We did this with a lot of pleasure and passion and keep on doing this for our breed. Lately more people in the Icelandic Sheepdog world told us they would want to support us and really appreciated our efforts. Because of this people told us they would want to pay for the data they get from our application form of our website. This was for us not an option because we want people to freely ask for data and being busy with improving the breed. Nevertheless we could appreciate and use financial support for our work on genetic diversity. This is why from now on you can donate us an amount when you appreciate our work and would like to help us achieve our goals.

You can donate using Paypal by clicking on the button below. When you donate using the button you pay 3,4% + €0,35 transaction fee to Paypal (when donating €5 you pay €0,52 to Paypal this is 10,4%). When you don’t want this you can transfer money as a friend to our Paypal account ( or contact us for more options.

Our goals at this moment are:

Yearly payment of our database.
± €50
Purchase of new software for calculations about genetic diversity.
€320 (incl. 1 year support)
Collect, freeze and store semen from genetic important males.
± €300 each time

We like to thank the following people for their donations:

  • Hilde Bergendal, breeder of kennel Agdesiden from Norway!
  • Jo-Ann Secondino, breeder of kennel Fox Meadow from the US!
  • Tina Carney, breeder of kennel Brosandi from the US!
  • Lisa Richards, breeder of kennel Mack Hill from the US!
  • Deborah Mardin, breeder of kennel Goldenpond from the US!
  • Sheryl Thelen, breeder of kennel Tri-Star from the US!
  • Tut Jessen, breeder of kennel Skogarkot from Norway!
  • Claudia Jost, breeder of kennel fra Eyjaeldis from Germany!