Application for data of Icelandic Sheepdog

Below you find an application form for data of Icelandic Sheepdogs and dog combinations. These data help you to make good choices when breeding for genetic diversity.
When you provide us with the info of a dog, you will receive a mail from us in the next few days with the following information:

  • The current mean kinship of this particular dog (the MK-numbers change every year)
  • The group this dog belongs to
  • The inbreeding percentage over all generations

Next to gathering information about individual dogs, you can also request information regarding combinations. We will then calculate the inbreeding percentage of this combination over all generations en will provide you the mean kinship of said combination.

All MK-numbers are round on halves. The groups are:

  • Dark green dogs: 15 t/m 19
  • Light green dogs: 19,5 t/m 20,5
  • Orange dogs: 21 en 21,5
  • Red dogs: 22 t/m 23

Please note that a good combination is more than just looking at the inbreeding percentage of all generations and the mean kinship. For advice regarding a combination, you can contact the breeding committee (through Furthermore you can always send us a mail to ask questions regarding genetic diversity. We can also help you when you are looking for genetically important dogs to breed with.

Due to very busy times, it currently takes us longer to respond on applications.