The Icelandic dog is a healthy dog. A Islandic dog who is taking care of the right way only sees the veterinary when he has to get is annual vaccinations. The Icelandic sheepdog will conserve his vitality till a he’s accomplished a high age. Ages between 15 and 18 years are not uncommon for this breed.

There are several tests done to keep this breed healthy. These diseases are tested because they occurred in the breed several times in the past. Through testing the dogs we want to prevent these diseases from spreading. The hereditary diseases are:
*not all the information about the hereditary diseases are translated yet*

The tests used for these diseases are:

There are still test to maintain the health of the Icelandic sheepdog. This are several test that are done in the past:

  • Distichiasis test
  • Patella luxatie test

More questions abot the health of the breed and certain conditions, you can always contact us.