Kennel name

Living The Good Life, that should become our kennel name! This name came upon us when walking with the dogs and enjoying life together. With living the good life we mean enjoying your life, give the dogs what they need and keep them healty and joyfull. There was only one step in our way for creating the kennel name. We needed it to get translated in Icelandic and find a name that captures this all in one or two words.

We started out by contacting different translators. Because of these translators we got some options. But thanks to Jolanda from the company “IJslandsspecialist” (dutch name for IcelandSpecialist) we got to know that translating it in Icelandic with the same meaning as in Dutch was difficult. The first translating we got from her was “að lifa eins og blóm í eggi” wat means “to live like a yolk in a egg”. With other words: Having it all figured out and having everything you need. We really liked the meaning of this proverb, but unfortunately this was to long for a kennel name. Because we really liked this proverb you can still read it next to the kennel name on our website. After brainstorming with her husband (he is Icelandic) they came up with our current name “Sældarlífs“.

The name is a compilation of the word Sæld (fortunate/happily/glad) and líf (life). Sældarlífs is only used in a positive way and looked to be the best translation for the meaning we searched. What made our choice final was that when you put this kennel name together with the name of our first Icelandic sheepdog(Elska), you get:

Cherish the good life / Loving the fortune of life.